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I was named a “Top Sales Voice” by LinkedIn in 2018, 2019, and 2020. My Youtube channel has tens of thousands of viewers, and my work on the art of sales has been featured by Forbes, Sales Hacker, Hubspot, and the Harvard Business Review.

But you know what? It almost didn’t happen.

When I started, I never wanted to make a ‘personal brand.’ I wanted to stay humble, and I was afraid of what people would think if I tried to make a name for myself. But throughout my personal journey I overcame that fear, and now I help people do the same thing. I help them cut through the noise in their marketplace and — more importantly — in their own head.

I believe my calling is to help people live their best, most empowered lives by giving them the modern sales techniques and guidance they need to bolster pipeline, leverage social media, schedule new accounts, and cold call with confidence. I share my journey online to bring new and unique strategies to the profession of sales, and to connect with an audience of entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, and those looking to live their best lives.

Impacting sales reps to break through the noise

As Director of Execution and Evolution at JB Sales, I focus on delivering training to sales development teams to enhance their skillsets and performance.

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